Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's been forever!!

Yeah I haven't blogged in a long time and I guess I'm going to try and come back to it.

Okay so what's recently been happening..
I moved from SLC to Lehi/Saratoga Springs. Fun fun.
I think I'm going to go to Westlake High, so I have to sign up soon, because it's almost time for school to start!
Scary! I'll be a sophomore this year. I'm going to try and see if they have another Architecture program at this school, but if they don't, my mom said I could go to one of those community colleges for classes. I really want to be an architect when I'm older. So I really have to work hard to get there. I need to try my hardest and get good grades if I want to do what I want.
Another thing that just happened was youth conference!
I've been to two in the past month. One from the old ward, and one from the new one.
The old ward we went camping and river rafting in Jackson, and with the new ward we went to Utah State University. We stayed in the dorms and did lots of fun activities.
We went to a school for mexican kids who's dads are crop farmers, and they move around alot. They speak Spanish and not a lot of English. We got to hang out with the kids that were 3 and 4.
My girl was really scary. She was drawing pictures of people dying and crashing in planes.
Then she kept spitting on me and hitting me in the face with the markers.
It was creepy. I didn't like it.
Have you guys heard of that movie that's coming out?
Walt & El Groupo
I wanna see it. That looks crazy awesome.

Okay I'll try to keep up with this thing.

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